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Sales Officer
Datalab LLC
About the role

Required Education

University degree in economics or information technology

(A lesser degree or a different type of education will be considered if the candidate has adequate expert abilities and experience)

Required work experience

More than 3 years in similar positions

Special skills

Excellent knowledge of the business-information systems (ERPs)
Fluent knowledge of the English language (speaking and writing)
Knowledge of Serbo-Croatian is a plus


Head of Datalab L.L.C., Head of Sales and BOD

Job description:

Looking for new opportunities and customers; expanding cooperation with current customers.
Goal orientation towards sales
Preparing offers
Keeping track of the competition
Taking care to achieve plans within the planned yearly budget
Cooperation with partners regarding sales of services
Taking care of sales of internal resources
Tracking service quality and customer satisfaction
Increasing the company’s reputation in the Kosovar market
Suggesting improvements in dealing with customers
Sales planning and planning the budget,
Preparing yearly, quarterly, monthly plans for the sales service center
Searching for new opportunities and clients as well as continuing the collaboration with current customers,
Goal oriented towards sales,
Taking care of the profitability of the service center
Creating, developing and establishing the partner sales environment,
Coordinating partner, micro and direct sales channels,
Searching for new potential partners,
Early discovery of critical sales partners and maintaining a constant level of sales performance,
keeping up with the service quality and customer and partner satisfaction,
Reporting to company management
Other tasks as ordered by superiors
Constructive and effective way of working
Is able to analyze, recognize, plan and evaluate time and costs involved in given tasks
Is able to communicate effectively in speaking and writing with customers, partners, co-workers, superiors
Learns and knows PANTHEON

Key Responsibilities:

Implementation and achieving of the sales plan
Responsible for the employer’s reputation
Responsible for partner and customer satisfaction