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Graduate/Junior Architectural
About the role
The role of a Graduate/Junior Architectural façade technician is assisting the drawing team in day to day tasks within the department, learning to use customer drawing/information to develop flat patterns using 3d modelling software so that the next phase of the production can take place,They will support drawing team members on specific projects and work towards being able to complete projects alone. The role must consider the next stages in the manufacturing process to ensure they can accurately and efficiently produce parts by ensuring there are no questions left unanswered and manufacturability of parts is considered e.g. if the item has top hats, it states what, how many, how we are attaching them etc. Duties and Responsibilities: Learn to read and understand customer drawings/specifications. Develop skills in being able to use customer supplied information from 2d drawings and 3d models and internal jobs sheets to produce facades systems and concepts. Learn the process of drawing up facades systems from customer information in accordance to our SOPs and machine capabilities using appropriate software. Understand business processes to convert customer information into parts ready for CNC manufacture through 3d design and converting designs into Numerical Code. Pass accurate information to Drawing Office Manager to be checked and then passed to the next stage in the process to manufacture in accordance to our SOPs and machine capabilities using appropriate software. Support production when necessary to ensure smooth manufacture. Liaise with customers when necessary to ensure the smooth closing of projects. Ensure all documentation is stored securely and accurately to ensure there are no revision issues and ensure customer requirements are met. Learn the process of how to ensure stock for manufacture is present. Learn the stock ordering process and information required for ordering process along with lead times for product. Develop an understanding of material development and how it is folded using bending allowances and k-factors when converting 3D parts into 2D blanks is essential. Keep Drawing Office Manager up to date with work in progress and expected completion dates on work. Follow all Company rules and policies Support fellow colleagues to maximise productivity/efficiency and maintain the office environment. Complete tasks as directed by Line Manager or Management

£23000 - £34000


London, ON, Canada