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Software Engineer
About the role
Uwavee was founded to tackle the biggest challenge music creators face: how to connect similar creators that want to collaborate. We’re building the next generation of social media platforms that dozens of serious artists and beat makers have already signed off on using. We’ve rethought the music services paradigm and are looking for the right people to join us as we grow. THE OPPORTUNITY As a Uwavee Software Engineer, you’ll help work on our core products by developing our current high-impact user-focused features. You will develop and ship new features or updates to Uwavee’s core products through direct collaboration with the CTO. You will get to become familiar with all parts of our stack from end to end. You’ll design and implement your features to be user-friendly and resilient. That might include challenges like refactoring existing code to add new features, developing search algorithms to enable unique frontend experiences or fixing existing bugs to improve the platform. THE TEAM Everyone, including you, is striving to constantly improve their knowledge of cutting edge technologies and creating amazing products. We are a very supportive team that will always put each other first. We are passionate about lots of things like automation, the music community, world-class user experience, exploring new ways of expressing our brand message and we love sharing those passions with each other. THE TECH STACK Uwavee uses the Google Cloud Platform with NodeJS cloud functions, Firestore and the Firebase Realtime Database on the backend. On the frontend, it’s React Native/Redux for the app and basic web technologies like jQuery for the current version of our web app. Some additional technologies Uwavee may make use of in the near future are RxJS, Docker, Cloud Run, ElasticSearch, SQL, Go and Python for various improvements on the platform's capabilities. WITHIN 1 MONTH, YOU’LL * Complete our onboarding program where you’ll meet the different members of the Uwavee team, learn the nuts and bolts of our business and where we’re going. * Sharpen your front-end development skillset through company-provided training. This may include topics like interface design principles, Html/CSS, JS/TS, React Native, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, etc. * Dive into our platform and development process through shadowing both backend and frontend feature development then pair programming out your own features. WITHIN 3 MONTHS, YOU’LL * Be comfortable navigating Uwavee’s stack and infrastructure. * Ship dozens of small features, fixes and updates in the frontend of Uwavee’s app based on tickets created through continuous customer feedback. * Make frontend improvements by integrating newer architectural patterns and technologies suggested by the team. * Have made a visible impact on the product for all the users of Uwavee. WITHIN 6 MONTHS, YOU’LL * Assist the Uwavee backend revamp that is planned to have a complete TypeScript refactor, security audit and new database design/implementation. * Own the planning, scoping, design and implementation of major feature areas in the application. * Ship revenue-focused features that have a massive impact on the business.
Skills needed
  • JavaScript
  • Html/CSS
  • Databases
  • Algorithms
  • OOP

$0 - $80000


Irvine, CA, USA