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Zz delivey(猪猪外卖) 招聘: 公司简介:外卖猪猪于2015年诞生于英国伯明翰,是英国中部地区最早提供外卖及跑腿配送服务的华人企业。秉承专业,优质,高效的理念,为数万用户提供全方位配送服务。 外卖猪猪现已遍布伯明翰,考文垂,谢菲尔德,布莱顿等华人聚集区域,拥有逾百人的专业配送服务团队,更荣获“全英最具潜力创业公司”,“中国海峡项目——英国区十大杰出企业”,“英国华人企业联盟——先锋企业”等荣誉称号。 Company Profile: zzdelivery was born in Birmingham, England in 2015. It is the first Chinese company in the central United Kingdom to provide take-away and errand delivery services. Adhering to the concept of professionalism, quality and efficiency, we provide a full range of delivery services for tens of thousands of users. ZZDELIVERY is spread across Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Brighton and other Chinese gathering areas, with more than 100 professional distribution service teams, and won the "Best Potential Entrepreneurship Company in the UK", "China Straits Project - "Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in the UK", "British Chinese Enterprise Alliance - Pioneer Enterprise" and other honorary titles.