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Change Donations
Change Donations is a disruptive new online fundraising platform based in Dublin with a goal of changing the world with pocket change. Change Donations is a Tech for Good company, modernizing the fundraising process for charities and non-profits and connecting everyday philanthropists to good causes. Donors link their debit card and automatically begin to round up their purchases to the nearest euro, donating the roundups to their selected charities, schools, and sports clubs. Today we rely on charities and nonprofits to solve major social issues that governments can’t, and while these organizations are doing a fantastic job, they’re too are facing a big problem. As we trend toward a cashless society, charities and nonprofits can no longer rely on the big impact that small change once made. And left only with big commitments like direct debit and large one-off donations, many donors are simply forgoing support due to lack of funds and transparency into where those funds are going.